iPhone 6 Rumors,Leaks, and Release Date

It would not be wrong to expect another masterpiece from Apple in the form of iPhone 6 that will not only complement its predecessors of the iPhone series, but will also establish Apple’s superiority in showcasing its mastery on technology and innovation. And these expectations makes this upcoming smartphone one of the hottest topics of these days. That said, I have tried to share some of the hottest and recent leaks and rumors on iPhone 6 in this short post.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 rumors

Will we get iPhone 6 with 3D Vision?

One of the latest rumors on this upcoming iphone gives us a hint of Apple’s using advanced technology on its smartphones. According to some sources, this upcoming Apple device will offer the usability of 3D vision to its users.

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Smart and Improved Gaming Experience

To outperform and compete its major competitors like HTC OneSony Xperia Z, and Samsung Galaxy S4 that offer excellent gaming experience to the smartphone games lovers, Apple will surely try to provide a superior place for Gaming.

iOS 8 or iOS 7?

It is highly expected that this next iPhone will run iOS 8, which is what we can call iOS 7 revamped!

High Resolution and Bigger Screen Size

This next iPhone will come with high resolution of 1080p Full HD, and Bigger screen size anything between 4.8 inch to 6 inch. These features are highly anticipated in this next device to help Apple beat its Bigger rival Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Camera, Home Button, Processor

  • This revised iPhone may come with 13-megapixel sensor offering great propositions to enjoy superior photography.
  • Regarding processor it is rumored that this upcoming smartphone can either carry an evolved A7 or a A8 Quad-Core Processor.
  • Fans and experts are equally excited about Home Button of this next iPhone. As per many experts, this device may come with Gesture Control, but should it contain the Home Button? Well, it is still in the shadow and can only be revealed with the release of iPhone 6. However, the all new Apple’s finger print technology- The Touch ID is highly anticipated in this iPhone.

Huge Storage

Apple will do anything to beat the android devices and so it’s careful about many aspects of its new device. Storage is among one such aspects that Apple has taken seriously before with offering 128 GB iPad. So why cannot we anticipate an iPhone with 128 GB storage?

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iPhone 6 Leaks

The Device

According to some trusted sources, new concepts on this iPhone 6 help artists to imagine the design of the smartphone. The renowned artist Peter Zigich designed some mocked images as

iphone 6 leaked image, iphone 6, iphone 6 concept image

iPhone 6 Mini                     iPhone 6                                 iPhone 6 XL


Image Source- mocked images from web

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iPhone 6 Release Date

Speculations and rumors help us to guess that this next iPhone 6 will release on September 2014.

So, what would be the price of iPhone 6? Well, as this is a premium smartphone, we cannot but surely expect a premium price tag.

Note: This post aims to focus on iPhone 6 release date, price and specs and features rumors. And information is totally based on the rumors and speculations related to this next iPhone, and I do not assure the truthfulness of the same.

Please feel free to comment on any rumors and leaks related to iPhone 6 in the comment section below.

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